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Dedicated to the

art and sport

of pole dance

Embrace — Pole Art & Fitness is a fitness studio dedicated to the art and sport of pole dance. Our mission is to encourage men and women on their journey to wellness while supporting each individual’s path to embracing both their mind and body.

Embrace’s team of knowledgeable instructors will guide you to your fitness goals while providing a fun, safe, and supportive learning environment. Our team embodies the values of individuality, passion, creativity, and leadership.

At Embrace we offer the highest quality of Pole Fitness, Barre, Stretch, and Conditioning classes that suit all fitness levels. Our classes are perfect for men or women looking to increase their strength and flexibility, lose weight, or try an alternative form of fitness.

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness is an innovative and fun way to truly enjoy your fitness regime! Each class involves a warm-up, pole lesson, and conditioning routine. Experience the excitement of learning spins and tricks while improving your strength, flexibility, and coordination. Ideal for all body shapes and sizes with advancing levels for our more experienced students.

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Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness is a high energy, full body workout that emphasizes the foundations of Barre (a ballet principle), with a strong focus on core and postural strength, proper alignment, breath and muscle action. Strengthen, tighten and tone. Perfect for all fitness levels with no dance experience required!

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Circuit Conditioning

Designed specifically for the pole dancers and aerialists, this conditioning class will help you improve every aspect of your physical fitness or your aerial practice. Students will be led through exercises and moves that increase strength, stamina, and flexibility. Recommended for students past level 1 Pole Fitness.

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Flexibility Training

Proper stretching techniques can help improve your physical performance and reduce your risk for injuries. This class will help increase your overall flexibility and is an ideal companion to any fitness regime. Available in three variations, stretch classes are suitable for all levels. Class selection will be dependent on conditioning level.

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